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Even One Direction Hates Their Fangirls

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This video may come off as offensive, so if you're uncomfortable with the use of the "n-word" then don't watch the video.
I've said this so many times, but for those of you who would rather not scroll past all of the trolls and horrible comments, here it is:
I did NOT plan to say this to Liam. We stood in line for a total of 19 hours to meet them, and believe me, I planned on being polite and calm when I met them. However, as soon as I saw them looking at us through the door, I flipped a **** and my mind went COMPLETELY blank. I probably couldn't even tell you what my name was, I was so dumbfounded and shaking like crazy. I said "WHAT'S GUCCI MA.....", and I couldn't believe those words came out of my mouth. I have no earthly idea why I said it, I'm honestly like the most awkward person out there. I DO know that Danielle is half Guyanese, and I didn't realize the impact that this could potentially have on Liam at the time. I would like to apologize to him if he ever sees/remembers this!
You guys also have to understand that I don't know what the culture is like in the UK, maybe they don't use this word as casually as we do here in the US? Here we throw it around in rap songs and such. Saying it isn't really a big deal especially where I go to school, it's equivalent to "bro" or "dude", not a big deal, but as I've said, this depends solely on your respective areas.


I'm fine with you all insulting my intelligence as I myself know that I am the farthest from ignorant. My comment was moronic/impulsive/and admittedly insensitive, but honestly, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE insulting my appearance? calling´╗┐ me ugly when you don't even know me? telling me to KILL MYSELF? I understand that you're offended, I've told you to close the video if it bothered you that much, but this isn't justification for insulting a stranger like that. Have some class, respect yourself as a human being and just STFU if you have nothing remotely decent to say. If you wouldn't say it in person then don't say it online behind a computer screen.

OH and stop lecturing me and writing ******* dissertations on here, I've already heard it all.

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Thank you

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sooo... they hate their fans when she made the stupid comment?