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Greatest Wrestler Ever


Topping off the weeklong comedy festival.

Well, I said Danshoku Dino was one of the most unique wrestlers to get a top ten. Well, here's THE most unique top ten I'll ever do. YOSHIHIKO has become one of the most popular competitors in the Dramatic Dream Team promotion. Well, he's certainly the most popular competitor that doesn't need to breathe oxygen. YOSHIHIKO's career has been rather exciting for as short as it has been. Debuting in 2005, YOSHIHIKO's 2009 was certainly his best year, and 2010 looks just as promising for the youngster. Aiding the eccentric Danshoku Dino, the two are rarely seen apart, and have often teamed together. In 2009, Dino and YOSHIHIKO took on PIZA Michinoku and Antonio Honda. What resulted was YOSHIHIKO being destroyed, only to return from the depths of death later in the match to aid his team in victory. The following month, the two challenged for the KO-D Tag Team Titles, but were defeated by Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega. YOSHIHIKO would gain some form of retribution as he aided Dino in defeating Kota Ibushi in a match. Later in the year, YOSHIHIKO defied the odds, and wrestled Kota Ibushi in an incredible match. Even though he was defeated, YOSHIHIKO is still the current reigning and defending DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion. YOSHIHIKO's style is one of a kind, as he brings some incredibly fast and high altitude aerial moves to the ring, as well as the always deadly Poison Mist. He also possesses incredible strength, as evidenced by his beautiful Backdrop Suplex, and the nuclear Infinity Destroyer.

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