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I'm In Love With Halo


Take that One Direction!
Halo: 1
Faggots: 0
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I'm in Love with Halo - a music video parody of the One Direction song What Makes You Beautiful

Tj Smith - www.youtube.com/tjsmithgaming
Nak3d Eli - www.youtube.com/nak3dhalo
Michael Adams Davis, Brian Fisher, Ryan Tellez & Michael Schroeder of
The Warp Zone - www.youtube.com/thewarpzone
Neighbor - www.twitter.com/masoncobb
Elamite - www.twitter.com/elamite

Music by:
Taylor Lipari - www.youtube.com/taylorlipari

Lyrics by:
TJ Smith - www.youtube.com/tjsmithgaming
George Norberg - www.youtube.com/nak3dhalo

Vocals by:
TJ Smith - www.youtube.com/tjsmithgaming
Ryan Tellez & Brian Fisher of TWZ

Cinematography by:
Michael Schmidt
George Norberg

Editing by:
Michael Schroeder

Special Thanks:
Conor Robinson (for being a badass Master Chief)
Braden Dempster

and Epic Rap Battles of History for the Master Chief Costume

- The Warp Zone -

Tags: Halo | parody
Views: 1959 Submitted: 06/21/2012
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