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I don't own this! however, it is awesome, and u guy NEED to know about it


Listen to BAD SIGNAL the new single from Hadouken! here You need to login to view this link
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update: we are working on the only official sequel to this video, subscribe to our channel to be the first to see it!

People Are Awesome: A compilation of awesome people doing incredible things. Music: Mecha Love by Hadouken, out now on iTunes:

Click here for iTunes UK: tinyurl.com/mechalove
Click here for iTunes USA: tinyurl.com/mechaloveusa

Hadouken's second album 'For the Masses' is also available on iTunes: tinyurl.com/hdknalbum

Hadouken merchandise available here: tinyurl.com/hdknmerch

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this has been posted many times.. we already know about it