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Gay French Muslims Satirical Song


The tea party's greatest fear: Gay French Muslims. They believe this is our secret leftist agenda.
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Gay French Muslims (Our Leftist Agenda) by Sauce Magnusson
Album: If I had friends, I wouldn't have a solo album

I just picked images of the inter web's endless tunnels... If you own the rights an image I used and would like it changed, let me know.


We'll take away your guns and give you gay french muslims
performing pro bono abortions on your children
reading from the Koran about evolution in french
Speaking from the top of your community minarets

Our leftist agenda will save all of you...

We'll take away all your boots, pickup trucks and big ole hats
And give you sandals made from hemp, bicycles and little fez caps
We'll fire all your doctors and nationalize the insurance companies
And replace it with ayurvedic medicine and magic crystal energies

We'll get rid all televisions, so your hear more NPR,
But no not when, you're driving in your cars
Because you can only get around with Amtrak,
unicycles, cross country skis or sledding on potato sacks

tax all your money to subsidize school lunch
Consisting of vegan tofu curry, and bit of Heinz ketchup
You'll never have coffee in fact only green tea,
On all your required substantial breaks during the 35 hour maximum work week

Of course we'll trade with Cuba, but it's not so great
Cause refined sugar will be as plentiful as steak
both llegal along with trans fats
sodium, cigarrettes and non-organic hash

Oh the only meat you'll ever is lutefisk &
imitation made from beans
Important from Norway taxed to the extreme
And you'll never have Snus, even us Swedes...

Our leftist agenda will save all of you...

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