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Hot Girl


This accident happened on russian holiday. girl was performing a dance with fire..

A young woman from Tver, took part in the speech band of so-called "faerschikov" - fire jugglers, received serious burns to the face during a failed stunt performance. The consequences of the incident could have been much worse: when the girl's face lit up, she threw a burning equipment in the crowd of spectators, many of whom were children. The incident took place during the celebration of International Children's Day, June 1, but we know of him was only after the appearance of the web video of what happened, made by an eyewitness. The footage can be seen writing as a 16-year-old Pauline Druzhinin trying to blow the fire. At this point, her face is clearly stained by juggling poyami kerosene lights up. Woman in terror trying to extinguish the flames, but it only spread to the hands and hair. Then zhonglersha throws burning equipment to one side, straight into the crowd, which at that time there were many children. As a result, it became known by a lucky chance, no one else was hurt. Woman rescued a young man, covered her windbreaker. Immediately jumped several of her colleagues, and only together they were able to cope with fire (VIDEO). "I do not remember anything ... Since then, the fire covered his face and when it ended, all was not like me. I only remember what was hot in person, remember the cool grass, which I have buried their head. I remember when washed with water from the Volga, and then how we were going to the hospital ", - told potstradavshaya" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". According to the newspaper, the girl's burns of the second and third degree. According to her, juggling with fire, it was by no means a newcomer: "I am engaged in the torsion-fire more than a year. The training went three times a week." Blow fire "began in January of this year, so, too, knew about it firsthand. No one just on the scene did not produce. "blow fire" is not allowed and not all at once, you need skill, confidence and knowledge of the props. I owned all of these "

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