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SENSIBLE SHOES Funny Mother Sketch song!


Our video is super hilarious and JUST in time for Mother's Day! Thought you'd get a huge kick out of it, and it'd be a great one to release on or just before mother's day.
We super funny play the Moms AND night club daughters; the moms tell us we need to wear sensible orthopedic shoes instead of stilettos in this hilarious rap video INSANELY catchy quick 3 minute song.

What's Up Famousface presents!! Our first hilarious sketch song, SENSIBLE SHOES!
Moms scold their nightclub daughters-- Just in time for Mother's Day!
Sit back and enjoy as we fondly step into our mother's shoes to embark on a journey of sensual sensibility!
We made this video in honor of our mom's for mother's day, and they're even still talking to us-- kind of ^_^
If we've learned anything accidentally about Sensible Shoes, it's
A. they are so unbelievably comfortable
B. they are so unbelievably expensive
So we'll go ahead and stay young and hip for awhile and continue to wear cheap attractive shoes. But we know when we're older, when we've given up on being attractive, sensible shoes are a boat we might sail in the future. And if you help us make our video popular enough, we might ACTUALLY be able to buy a Sailboat, and name it Sensible Shoes!

Views: 1380 Submitted: 05/08/2012