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(05/02/2012) [-]
Even Walk off the Earth couldn't make this song sound good, although it's an improvement.

I don't understand what's the big deal about Nirvana, when you take an honest look at it it's all below average or even bad you might say.

None of the members of Nirvana were actually good or had any talent at playing their instruments, in fact most pre-pubecent starting amateur high school bands are many times better qua technique.
They're really on that level.

The songs themselves and the compositions are incredibly simplistic, bland and monotone.
And lyrically wise it didn't have much to offer too, you could definitely tell it was the rambling of a pessimistic depressed drug addict.

And Kurt's guitar riffs just make me cringe, as I'm a guitar player myself.
Kurt Cobain might just be the worst well-known guitar player.

Now bring on the ********* of butthurt Nirvana fans!