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World's fastest disarm? Probably

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Delta Force, LT. General (Ret.) Jerry Boykin says,- "Victor Marx is one of the top martial artists in the country. I have never seen anybody with faster hands"
Frank Shamrock - UFC Undefeated Champion, "Victor Marx , His honesty and forthrightness are unquestionable. His belief and passion for our youth is honorable. I believe in Victor Marx and his mission. I hope that you will be touched by his commitment like I have."

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His website- www.victormarx.com

From Victor:
This is a demo Technique meant to " be cool" and surprise the inmates when they are trying to pull the trigger before I move. The biggest critique is that my head does not move to get out of the line of fire. Here is the logic, the left hand comes up from the blind spot of the attacker holding the weapon, (IF) executed correctly the parry is the redirect which moves the line of fire from defenders head. 1. Best case scenario the strip works threat eliminated, 2. most likely case the weapon fires intentionally or accidentally and powered blast and percussion of discharge temporarily deafens defender but he has control of weapon now. 3. worst case attacker keeps a 5 -8 ft distance and unloads a clip in defenders chest and head, reloads does the same and then dismembers defender and shoves him in a black garbage bag to dispose of body. Think I'm joking I reach our countries most violent and ruthless teen killers. THis demo is not meant to be instructional but for entertainment purposes only to allow me the opportunity to gain a little street cred and then share a message of hope that cycles of negative behavior can be changed Just watch my story on the link shown in this video and you will understand better. Thanks for your comments and for watching. Sincerely Victor Marx

This master of Keichu-do martial arts Victor Marx travels the country reaching the nations toughest juveniles. He is an author and inspirational speaker check out his website at

If you want to know how to overcome life's hardest challenges and become a champion of life get his book. " The Victor Marx Story" at amazon.com or direct from www.victormarx.com

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User avatar #1 - brolan
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(04/23/2012) [-]
Why was the black guy the one holding the gun? :(
User avatar #2 to #1 - auryn
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(04/23/2012) [-]
To make the scenario more realistic.