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Dust 514 (read desc)


If any EVE players are reading this, please keep reading. Dust 514 is a Free to play PS3 exclusive game that releases spring 2012. The game features users fighting ground battles in wars on planets in the Eve Online universe. According to a preview by Edge, the events that happen in this game will affect the EVE Online universe. Battles in this game can also determine who controls various planets in the EVE universe, and users in DUST 514 can interact with users from the EVE universe such as providing mercenary assistance during planet battles. EVE users can provides things such as: vehicles, equipment, in-game currency, and even mission for dust users to do. corporations in DUST will be the same as corporations in EVE. DUST players will be able to join EVE corporations and vice versa. It's one world, and that means the same player-run megacorporations that roam the skies will want private armies to ensure their system sovereignty dominance or protect financial investments planetside. Likewise, organisations born on the ground may want to defend their planets from above, creating a new breed of capsuleer in servitude to console gamers.The main reason i posted this was have at least 1 EVE user to work with me during the game to provide help and vise versa.

Views: 1148 Submitted: 04/19/2012