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Shut up and take my money!


You can pledge here: Kickstarter - www.kickstarter.com/projects/policewarfare/police-warfare

We have exclusive rights to upload this trailer/video from Elastic Games themselves.

Police warfare is an extremely intriguing concept that is being developed by a new team of veterans from the industry. Some of them have worked on top AAA titles like Far Cry 3, Gears Of War, Crysis 1/2, Assassin's Creed 2, Medal Of Honor: Airborne, Golden Eye, Killzone 2, and Grand Theft Auto 4. They have worked at companies such as Ubisoft, Epic Games, Electronic Arts and Crytek. I'm looking forward to this more than any other big kickstarter project, lets make sure they make their goal!

"Although we made the pitch video using the call of duty franchise, the actual Police warfare is no where near it (Even the name Police Warfare is subjected to change). A lot of you seem to have picked up the similarities between this and Battlefield, but please read the Kickstarter page for more information on that."

Check out their kickstarter page for more information.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PoliceWarfare
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/ElasticGames
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Thanks and enjoy!
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holy mother of mary magdelene and all that is sweet.
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