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Sandvich Ponies


Engineer (Applebloom) asks Heavy (Pinkie Pie) how to make sandviches.

WAV file for HLSS mic-spamming:

====== LYRICS ======
(Engie: "Heavy, how do I make sandvich?")

All you have to do is take a cup of flour
Add it to the mix
Now just take a little something sweet, not sour
A bit of salt, just a pinch

Making these treats is such a cinch
Add a teaspoon of BALONEY
Add a little MOAR and you count to FOAR
And you never get your FILL-AAAAA

So moist and delicious!
I'm coming for you!
Sandvich, sandvich, SANDVIIIIICH!!

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Submitted: 03/31/2012
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