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I'm sooo bored!!!


Eeyup. EDIT: Now it loops. Have fun!

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It's been a while since I've done a video like this - ironic, considering "Rainbow Dash says "Oh My Gosh" for 12 minutes" was the first video that started giving me subscribers.

Truth is, I don't generally like these kind of videos. They're cheap, tend to be nauseatingly repetitive and are often boring. Also, before I upgraded my program, there would be sounds getting delayed, which would ruin the rhythm.

Of course, I've since then gotten a better version of my program, so this is no longer an issue. Moreover, I liked this loop, since it took a little creativity and effort to get it going, and actually repeats every 8 seconds instead of 3 or less.

For some fun, try counting the amount of times Sweetie thinks when Rarity is going to finish her work. Don't ask me - I don't know.

Views: 3210 Submitted: 03/28/2012