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Zelda Violin Medley


Just me, or would she be the best girlfriend ever?

Download the song on iTunes in the link below!


For the sheet music for the Zelda medley, check the link below!

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Film by Devin Graham
Devin is an amazing cinematographer so be sure to check out his channel

I (lindsey) arranged this medley based off the Nintendo game Zelda!

Our friend Dan Reyes- Cario then recorded it for us.
Check out his sound recording website in the link below!
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And then Stephen Anderson did the sweet epic background orchestration.
Stephen composes most of the music for my videos! You can check out his rad website in the link below!

You can also contact him here.
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And follow me on twitter too!

Other Credits:

Melia Harris - Costume Designer
Ben Brooksby - Makeup/put on ears
Jacob Schwarz - Color Correction/helping film

Sam Bilodeua - Color Correction
Lincoln Gutke - Production Assistant
Kristen Hillier - Production Assistant

The ears that Ben Brooksby put on, he bought them from Aradani Studios. You can check them out here if your looking for cool ears and other sweet stuff. You need to login to view this link

We shot this on our company's Red Epic film camera. You can check out our website in the link below.

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Edited by Lindsey Stirling and Devin Graham

The original idea for this film came about in regards to the release of the Nintendo game Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out this week!! The music arrangement was made using some of the Zelda video games most popular songs.

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