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Mass Effect 3 explained (there is hope)


Enjoy this new version of my video that shows you evidence of the Indoctrination Theory.

The Mass Effect 3 ending was nothing more but an illusion induced by Harbinger to trick Shepard to give in to indoctrination and become one of their tools in the war.

Here is a proper version of my first video regarding the INDOCTRINATION THEORY. It shows you many interesting hints which all support this theory of Shepard being indoctrinated (at least Harbinger tries to) at the end of the game.


has been created and assembled by many people independently all over the world. Fans who paid attention, who slowly recognized the big picture

There are sure many different interpretations of this theory, this video shows you just how i think of it.

The credits go to everybody out there who contributed to this well thought theory.

What do you think of this?


My thoughts on the Reapers:

Shepard was the key to defeat the Reapers. "No organic ever made it that far" but Shepard resisted indoctrination and the temptation of seemingly infinitife power, he ultimately rejected it. The Crucible could only be build in a joint effort by many civilizations (without being sabotaged) and Harbinger was the Catalyst, the examiner. Shepard was the representative of the people of the galaxy. And he passed the trial, he proofed the worth of him and the other people.

Shepard united a galaxy. He proofed that in a time when the galaxy is threatened by a greater menace (synthetic enemy) all the different races would rally and fight for their future together, without being divided and seduced by indoctrination and hunger for power.

The guardians of organic life, the Reapers, had fullfilled their mission. Because of them a galactic civilization has evolved that could defend itself against a greater synthetic threat.

"Commander Shepard became a legend by stopping the Reaper threat"

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