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Dat Ass


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A parody of Lean like a cholo,
But way sexier! hah

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Directed by eGO
(Rap also written by Alex/SleepyBrown)


All the Cholos know what i mean
Baby turn around so i can lean (on your nalgas)
Lay back with my elbows up
when you move your butt, we're all lookin like DUH (drool face)

(I lean on her Nalga)
side to side
Na-Nalgas shaking side to side
Nalgas shake side to side
Na-Nalgas shaking side to side
your nalgas

Gardening in the back yard, I'm real beat
see her walking towards me,
I'm in heat,
I really want her, for my D
Let's dance horizontally in the sheets

Damn i like you, i like you, but i really want ass
She that type with somethin' to grab,
You can Chris brown it and she won't get mad.

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Views: 949 Submitted: 03/17/2012