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Dogs Match Music Notes Perfectly


These two dogs really have an ear for music! If you think it's tough teaching them how to sit, imagine trying to show them how to do this?

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Submitted: 03/16/2012
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#1 - sodapops (03/16/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Funny as this is, she's turning towards the key she wants them to hit. Dogs aren't stupid.
#14 - thumbeldore (03/17/2012) [-]
**thumbeldore rolls 9,479** forever alone level over 9000
#8 - Saeka (03/16/2012) [-]
The blondie was quicker!
#47 - PapaParuta (03/17/2012) [-]
<<<<Their agent
<<<<Their agent
#11 - sandwicheater (03/16/2012) [-]
User avatar #5 - theholymoleymuffin (03/16/2012) [+] (1 reply)
And sometimes they are just plain old mean.
#22 - iamphoenix (03/17/2012) [-]
It gives me bad feels when a dog is more musically talented than me.
#12 - Penguinn (03/16/2012) [-]
They hit the keys she looks at
#9 - holyscorpionqueen (03/16/2012) [-]
I really hope they got a treat for the amazing performance they did.
I really hope they got a treat for the amazing performance they did.
User avatar #3 - crikem (03/16/2012) [+] (1 reply)
You think this is cute , but it's just the test to filter out the smart ones to eat.
#41 - alleksi (03/17/2012) [+] (6 replies)
although its really ******* cute, these dogs aren't any masterminds

1) the woman looks at the key which the dog needs to press
2) 1:15 the pressed way too early because the woman looked at the note before playing the sound

still a cool video/trick
#19 - StarvedSouthKorean (03/17/2012) [-]
Asians, even their dogs are smarter than I am.
User avatar #15 - awesomoboss (03/17/2012) [-]
another reason cats are not as cool as dogs.... ie if that were a cat it would have just layed on the friggin keys like some pompous douche....... **** you pompous cat douche. i hate you
User avatar #10 - scotlandspie (03/16/2012) [-]
I call bs, im sorry but the fact that at one point the dog hits one key at the exact time she makes the note, and then plays two notes exactly teh same just throws it all off
User avatar #30 - reyden (03/17/2012) [-]
now play mozart *asiandad.jpg*
User avatar #34 - junkmannn (03/17/2012) [-]
The second dog is like "somebody ******* kill me" lmao
User avatar #16 - sadpandaissad (03/17/2012) [-]
the girls whistle and the plug socket on the wall in the background. still a better love story than twilight
User avatar #27 - beastpwnrlol (03/17/2012) [+] (1 reply)
this is how they test which do they will eat
#29 to #27 - freakaleak (03/17/2012) [-]
made me laugh, thumb for you!
made me laugh, thumb for you!
#13 - StarvedSouthKorean (03/17/2012) [-]
now play some Beethoven mother ******
User avatar #33 - TheBurgerKing (03/17/2012) [+] (3 replies)
sounds like "little soldier boy" from Avatar last airbender kinda
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