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Gentlemen's Response #4


2:35 is funny as hell. Didn't post last video because of lesbian make out scene.

reluctantly, the gentlemen respond to their fans... again. twitter: ‪twitter.com/oojleoo‬

facebook: ‪tinyurl.com/brhkb64‬

check out our other videos: ‪youtube.com/oojleoo


John Elerick ‪twitter.com/oojleoo‬
Roger Roth ‪twitter.com/rabberjabber‬
Travon Free ‪twitter.com/travonfree‬
Will Stephens ‪twitter.com/UUJS‬
Tasha Reign ‪twitter.com/TashaReign
Breanne Benson ‪twitter.com/BREANNEBENSON
Myron Santos ‪twitter.com/myrontwit
Arthur Hong

special thanks to Brazzers, twitter.com/brazzers

Views: 1954 Submitted: 02/23/2012
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