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Thumb up if u did the dance

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This is the original Numa Numa video with digitally remastered audio of the song Dragostea din Tei by O-Zone (Dan Balan, writer/producer).

According to the BBC article dated November 27, 2006 the original Numa Numa video has been seen over 700,000,000 times worldwide - making it the second most viewed viral video in the world. For more information and to see what Gary is up to now, check out You need to login to view this link

Views: 1211 Submitted: 02/19/2012
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User avatar #2 - calebite
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Wow, this brings back memories of when the only site i knew about was like youtube funnyjunk and albinoblacksheep lol
toenail clipping for you
#1 - regaesnhoj
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(02/19/2012) [-]
gay and old ...