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Cannon something


This was my entry for Mario's Castle Collab 2 as the movie's ending sequence. I put a stupid amount of effort into making it, so I felt it was worth uploading it by itself. I ensured the audio did not desync like it does in the swf version, and I did a pretty good job with the video conversion as well.

Here's the entire collab on Newgrounds:
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For those who do not know, its a continuation of the events in bigfoot's Mario's Castle Calamity animations, as well as the first collab which was also based on those animations. Mario has been through hell trying to destroy that damn castle, so this animation shows his final desperate attempts by pulling out all the stops and unleashing a cannon powered storm of total devastation on it. But will he succeed?

Anyway, don't subscribe.

All credit goes to Shortfactor on youtube. Subscribe to him, favourite his video, give him a like. He really deserves it

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