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The Men of Shounen


Anime Munters, by Go Devil Dante. I do not claim any credit/ownership to/of this video, and am just promoting it. Yes I know Assassin's Creed is a video game and I know Harry Potter is a live action movie, but they're still shounen because they're aimed at a teenage boy audience. If you think this is weird, no flaming, I just thought it was pretty funny.

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User avatar #1 - Hatesmudkips
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(04/21/2010) [-]
hehehe this is funny, thank you!
#2 to #1 - SadisticHyena [OP] **User deleted account**
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(04/21/2010) [-]
User avatar #4 - Whoracle
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(10/19/2010) [-]
Flawless ******* Victory! That was freakin' hilarious!!
User avatar #3 - Marker
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(04/29/2010) [-]
very epic, but its been restricted on other sites, cant watch it here anymore.... oh well