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Anonymous For poland


I do not represent anonymous as a whole i'm just one of millions
Greetings internet

As many of you may not know on Saturday January 28th 2012 Poland will signing the controversial peace treaty known as ACTA. The government without any outside voice and without listening to the concerns of its people, has decided with its iron fist, that ACTA will be signed thus throwing out the peoples voice. We have showed the world that we won't lay down and let our governments take control over us. In fact Team grey hat has now hacked over 12,000 websites worldwide. Neither anonymous or its followers will disappear into the night and we are making our presence known worldwide.

I ask everyone, how much longer are we gonna let our governments control us? How many freedoms will have to be removed before we realize that this is not how man is supposed to live. And how much longer will we let our governments operate behind closed doors? The idea of a Government by the people for the people has died out and its time we fought for its resurrection

We are anonymous.
we are legion.
we do not forgive.
we do not forget.
to the governments of the world.
you should have expected us.

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That voice ******* scares the **** out of me.