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Oh the places you'll go, At Burning Man

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Based on Dr. Seuss's final book before his death, this is a story about life's ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011.

Directed by:
Teddy Saunders ( You need to login to view this link )
Parker Howell ( You need to login to view this link )
William Walsh ( You need to login to view this link )
Produced and Edited by Teddy Saunders
Digital Effects and Color by Parker Howell
Original Score By Darius Holbert
Sound Mix by Tyler Payne

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A gazillion thanks for your support!!

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Views: 1457 Submitted: 01/08/2012
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how did this only get 20 pinkies
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I just got a feel.
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triforce tent 0:55