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Horror Short 12 Christmas Special!


Santa's been naughty this year ;)
This is going to be my last upload for a while because I really want to re watch this one. If you want to subscribe, message, and/or friend me for more you can. Or you can go up to the search bar, type in youtube.com (or take it from right there) and watch them on your own, without the lovely purple and green backgrounds.
I'm uploading my favorites of these horror shorts because I got some good responses from my other ones, if you don't like them oh well, go ahead and skip, if you did like it go ahead and skip or check my channel for more because I don't want to thumb whore youtube vids which don't belong to me.
Merry Christmas
Directed by Drew Daywalt

Views: 530 Submitted: 12/21/2011
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