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wut..? did.. i just watch..?

wut? i mean seriously wut the ************************ ?!

yaaay top 200, thanks guys!
top 40?! really!!

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Submitted: 12/18/2011
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#27 - KFCownz (12/18/2011) [+] (1 reply)
meanwhile in africa
#182 - broorb (12/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
#50 - reijin (12/18/2011) [-]
i thought it would be a dude when she turned around
#186 - wowplyer (12/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**wowplyer rolled a random image posted in comment #78 at I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas ** <----- my face after it was over
#672 - yiffsforlyfe (12/19/2011) [+] (2 replies)
I had no idea women went through so much trouble to keep their hair in good condition.
#114 - izJester (12/18/2011) [+] (1 reply)
This is how Helen Keller showers.
#20 - potatos ONLINE (12/18/2011) [-]
I have no appropriate reaction pic for this.
I think i have to draw a new one.
User avatar #194 - paelaer (12/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
SHAMPOO... alright, gotta clean your hair.
CONDITIONER... gotta make it shine, I getcha.
OLIVE OIL... of course, since it's good for the hair and skin.
PEANUT BUTTER... um... what? Protein? I... what?
MUSTARD... okay, just what the **** girl.
KETCHUP... god damn it, I thought you were a sexy girl, not a hot dog.
CHIPOTLE SAUCE... okay, you're a spicy hot dog.
MILK... sweet monkey Jesus and gorilla Mary, you need help!
CORN FLAKES... er... random useless fact about how they were once marketed to help chronic masturbation?
CHEESE... okay, I understand the concept of cereal and milk, but cheese and corn flakes?
SPAGHETTI SAUCE... I kind of want to eat you now.
SPAGHETTI-Os... my god, I'm starving.
POPCORN... I'd totally hit that.
MAYONNAISE... Still would hit that.
SPAGHETTI... Boners everywhere.
GROUND BEEF... Good god, I would band you harder than a screen door in a hurricane.
RED FANTA... Not my favourite flavour of fanta, but I would still totally do that food-covered minx without mercy.
#203 - axlsummer (12/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
first i was totally like &quot;so what just a chick showering&quot;
first i was totally like "so what just a chick showering"
#204 to #203 - axlsummer (12/19/2011) [-]
but then i was like WAT?
but then i was like WAT?
#40 - semisane (12/18/2011) [-]
0:00 - 0:50
ok... just a girl singing in the shower...
after 0:50
#628 - andrewandreas ONLINE (12/19/2011) [-]
#239 - notsofunnycomedy (12/19/2011) [-]
salon editon
#9 - CiaranPM (12/18/2011) [-]
Good luck cleaning that shower up.
User avatar #617 - Tweet (12/19/2011) [-]
I seriously thought she was going to be a dude when she turned around.
#613 - emoteddylion (12/19/2011) [-]
i feel like i just saw 20 kids in africa die
i feel like i just saw 20 kids in africa die
#21 - thebrony (12/18/2011) [-]
thats a gross sandwich and a weird kitchen
#677 - ReturnDarkKnight (12/19/2011) [-]
Is that was girls put in their hair to make it smell so nice?
#321 - ptrcarlin (12/19/2011) [-]
I just watched to see if there were any boobs.
#5 - iswag (12/18/2011) [-]
That doesn't go there.
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