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Dubstep Juggling

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Watch the live performance of this routine here:

This Video is real speed. Nothing in this video is sped up.

Please do NOT re-upload it to Youtube.

Subscribe for more. I will make more videos of this kind very soon.

This video got featured at Dumpert with over 125.000 views: www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/1744811/f9edf8a1/dubstep_jongleren.html
I know some people doesn't like dubstep, but I felt like trying something new.
So I made this juggling routine to a mashup of some wob-woob'ing.

I might use this for a performance some day. So tell me what you think, and hit me up with some ideas and songs to help me improve. Thanks!

Hope you'll enjoy it.

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Views: 726 Submitted: 12/16/2011
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Im amused lol