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#289 - lalzar (11/21/2011) [-]
**lalzar rolled a random image**

He said all kind of naughty words...
#298 to #289 - slappyhours (11/21/2011) [-]
#299 to #298 - lalzar (11/21/2011) [-]
I was being sarcastic, but 12 year olds seem to miss that.
#301 to #299 - slappyhours (11/21/2011) [-]
I figured. And was kind of joking myself, but you see... Irony doesn't work well in text form, you should have used a clever picture to underline that you where joking instead of just mindlessly rolling a picture.
#313 to #301 - lalzar (11/21/2011) [-]
:p The picture actually works pretty good for the sarcasm...

I just like to gamble with pictures...
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