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WW2 Hetalia


So yeh, this is what hapens at 4 in the morning! Eddie Izzards routine on Europe and WW2, with Hetalia, cos I listened to it and went THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!

I don't own Hetalia or Eddie Izzard

Didn't want to use OC's so China is India and Sealand is the Falkland's. Don't question, you know it's canon
Fan art isn't mine, it's off Google, so idk whose it is, if you know, tell me so I can credit them!

EDIT: Because I got so many comments, the pic at 0:47 is by DragonBeak on dA and can be found here You need to login to view this link I relooked it up just for you guys ^-^

Views: 1590 Submitted: 11/19/2011
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