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Protect IP


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Protect IP is a bill that issues corporations to censor the internet even further. See those Youtube videos being taken down? Multiply that by 100. It will take down any website or content that could share a resemblance to a TV show,song,or even just a simple poster. It will limit our ability to express freedom over the internet. Think of it as being under police surveillance but for a long term.Sadly,this bill has already been passed by Congress,so be aware of what you post,download,or even watch.For support even many people have been protesting against this bill,even Anonymous is against this.This bill is just to give entertainment corporations more money in their pocket and to prevent people from watching their content for free. Websites like Youtube,Funnyjunk,Reddit,and any other social media site can be taken down at any moment.Let's say you download about 20 songs illegally.You can be sued for about $400,000 dollars.This is due to previous laws being placed and this bill being taken to action.
"People should not be afraid of their governments,
Governments should be afraid of their people."

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Funnyjunk. Who the hell knows about FunnyJunk? Only WE do.