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What do manatees, laser beam eyes and piggyback rides all have in common? They're all favorites of C.N.R., a man so awesome he deserves his own acronym! Join Weird Al and JibJab as they collab on their incredibly zany second music video, then when you're done, upload a photo and cast yourself in the mayhem!<br />
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Lyrics:<br />
Charles Nelson Reilly was a mighty man<br />
The kind of man you'd never disrespect<br />
He stood 8 foot tall, wore glasses<br />
And he had a third nipple on the back of his neck<br />
He ate his own weight in coal<br />
And excreted diamonds every day<br />
He could throw you down a flight of stairs<br />
But you still would love him anyway<br />
Yeah, you know you'd love him anyway<br />
Charles Nelson Reilly won the Tour de France<br />
With two flat tires and a missin' chain<br />
He trained a rattlesnake to do his laundry<br />
I'm tellin' you the man was insane<br />
He could rip out your beatin' heart<br />
And show it to you right before you died<br />
Every day he'd make the host of Match Game<br />
Give him a piggyback ride<br />
Yeah, a two-hour piggyback ride<br />
Giddyup, Gene!<br />
Ninja warrior, master of disguise<br />
He could melt your brain with his laser beam eyes<br />
Oh yeah<br />
Oh yeah<br />
He had his very own line at the DMV<br />
He made sweet, sweet love to a manatee<br />
Oh yeah<br />
Oh yeah, that was somethin' to see, I tell ya<br />
Charles Nelson Reilly figured out cold fusion<br />
But he never ever told a soul<br />
I've seen the man unhinge his jaw<br />
And swallow a Volkswagen whole<br />
He'd bash your face in with a shovel<br />
If you didn't treat him like a star<br />
'Cause you can spit in the wind or tug on Superman's cape<br />
But Lord knows you just don't mess around with CNR<br />
No no no<br />
Talkin' bout CNR<br />

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Submitted: 03/26/2010
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