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#3 - chadtvu (03/30/2010) [-]
im sure he copped feel there
User avatar #1 - SensualSnuggles (03/25/2010) [+] (1 reply)
I would have yelled out "SAND JUTSU! HANDS OF HELL!" Before I did it but that's just me D: being a nerd...
User avatar #4 - georgeconowitz (04/07/2010) [-]
its the sand rapist!!
#6 - anonymous (05/29/2010) [-]
dont u guys think its funny she perfectly coverd her twat with the leg for the camera?
User avatar #5 - msrdotwozero (05/04/2010) [-]
BEST ******* DO-ABLE PRANK EVER. it needed to be said and it needed to be said in CAPITALS.
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