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Dumb Bitch



Woman: Why do you keep putting your hands on me?
Cop: Ma'am, I'm not putting my hands on you. What do you mean?
Woman:Yes, you put your hands on me. (Woman grabs him)
Copon't grab me. (Pushes her hands away)
Woman:Get out of here boy, I'll slap you. Better be careful. (Woman slaps him)
(Cop is silent, while he is putting his glasses back on.)
Woman: You put your hands on hands on me plenty of times earlier. Why? Why? Why?
(Cops slaps the woman and then follows the crying.)

REPORTER: The teacher in the previous images is said to be very strict. Her colleagues say that neither´╗┐ the students, nor the teachers, or as you can see, not even the police officers can escape her wrath.

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Views: 625 Submitted: 11/04/2011