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Ponified Bleach Opener


Ponification of Bleach OP 1 (the old version)
Comparison: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tzaw4WFzjA
Karaoke / Subs by Calico Stonewolf: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aKZg15y5L0
mfw Equestria Daily feature in 10 seconds flat

Long description ahead... no TLR version

First up: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYO! Just wish you had your computer so you could see this

Second: HUGE thank you to Calico Stonewolf. Without his help with making the vectors, or the 3d Twilight spin, I think this would have fallen apart. Or looked like crap at the very least.

Also, a thank you to MoodyData for attempting to make the block transition effect, even though it didn't work in the end.

Moving on.. Thank Celestia this is done. This vid is an entry to the BroNYCon PMV contest. (Which it didn't win). I also suppose this is my 200 subs vid. CrypticMoe and I made this together as a collab over the course of month.The both of us are fans of Bleach, so the goal was to create an intro that was as close to the original as possible. In my opinion, we definatly met the goal, past my wildest expectations.

I honestly don't think either of us have ever worked harder, or faster than we did on this. In the last week alone I think I put in 20-30 hours. Part of the problem is I went back to university yesterday, so I needed this project to be done before I moved into my dorm. I was finalizing it just an hour or so before I left. Speaking of the number of hours, I couldn't even begin to think about the total number of hours the two of us put in. Not to mention the hours Calico did on making bits and pieces seen throughout.

I would say this has definatly been a learning experiecnce for the both of us. I have been using After effects for over a year in various AMVs and thought that this would be a relatively easy project. Boy was I wrong... (I have a whole "Dear Princess Celestia" on things I learned on the magic of using After Effcts)
Ironically, the parts with the most effects were the easiest and quickest to do. It ended up being stuff like the last scene, the character pan, and sillouette scene that took the longest time. This project was so tiring, I'm totally taking a week or two off from new vids.

Oh, if you're wonder about the name... Peach is supposed to be "Pony Bleach"... "Bleach" is an impossible title to ponify

Lots of vectors were used throughout, and I want to give proper credit to those who did them, so heres a list (to the best of my knowledge) of all the vectors and their artists. If you see a vector I accidently left off, let me know.

Twilight in the Wind

Mondays? No.

Twilight in perplexity
Vinyl Scratch in perplexity

I'm Sorry, What?

Happy Derpy
rarity 3
Pinkie Pie
Cutie Mark Crusader

Fluttershy is Happy

Fluttershy Hugs Vector
Applejack Hugs vector

Rarity not amused vector
Applejack faithful and strong

Rainbow Dash is in Love

RD "It shall be done"


Rainbow Dash- Bridlemaid

Octavia - Vector

That Wicked Enchantress Zecora

Vinyl Scratch

Just Braeburn

HUB logo vector

Rarity's a badass

Colgate love face
Lyra Love Face

Mayor Pony Vector

Dancing Twist

Young Braeburn

spike huh?

lyra vector

battle ready rarity

battle ready aj

Trixie is not amused

If you have questions on how certain things were done, feel free to ask.

Now some info

Programs: After Effects, Photoshop, 3Ds MAX (Calico for Twi's 3D spin)
Time taken- Over 1 month
Hours taken- By Celestia's beard, I don't even know
Est. Layers- ~1000-1200 (one comp has 469 layers)
Est. Comps and pre-comps- ~100

Hope everyone likes it.

If you read this entire thing, you deserve a friggen medal

Honors: 8/30/11
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