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Why can't I hold all these Feels?

So I was just playing some games with my friend, and decided to put stereo mix on. Pokemans theme came into my head so i decided it was nostalgia music hour. Then it hit me. I ******* love this series. So many ******* feels. I still cry to this day about Axel, and Roxas, and my ******* god, I need to share this with people.

I hope I gave you guys a feel.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Intro (Simple and Clean (Remix) ):

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Trailer ( **** YEAH)

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Submitted: 10/24/2011
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#3 - Rawker **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#2 - JustJJ (10/24/2011) [-]
**JustJJ rolled a random image** mfw Kingdom Hearts is more popular than Final Fantasy.
User avatar #14 - kothaex (10/24/2011) [-]
JUST DECIDED: We should thumb ALL of the comments! (apart from #1, guy's a tard)
#8 - drdigbick (10/24/2011) [+] (1 reply)
I just refound my PS2 and my copies of KH1 and 2. I felt like the most epic person in the world after defeating Ansem, and better after defeating Xemnas. I ******* nostalgia every time i see this game, and i even have my computer background set to the stage of Roxas' battle with Twilight Thorn. The minute that Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, i will never leave my ******* room. But for now, i'll deal with the first 2 again, and while proud mode.
User avatar #6 - unearthlymeme (10/24/2011) [-]
I get shivers every time I see this. BEST ******* GAMES EVER.
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