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Teleport Test 1

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So... I'm a producer for my day job, commercials, infomercials, Reality TV shows, corporate crap, etc. It pays the bills- but, it also lacks the creative power/prowess I want to do with my future- you know- I deal with the grind.

Anyway- I have a project, a personal project I want to do. Something of my own, and whenever I get a (rare) free moment, I work on it. In an attempt to see if I'm wasting my time, I'm gonna upload some of the tests I've been doing, proofs of concepts and the like. Here's the first one- tell me if you're interested in seeing more, or if you think I should quit while I'm ahead!

No details as of yet on what the project actually is, or will be- I just want initial reactions to the tests themselves.

check here for the second upload: /youtube/2756054/Teleport+Test+2/
Check here for the third upload: /youtube/2756066/Decapitation+Test/

Views: 743 Submitted: 10/19/2011
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you are awesome, please do more good sir.