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Violinist cranks out the Halo Theme

I asked Nick Jones, a New Zealand violinist, to play this piece at my 21st, in June. He did an amazing job. Mad props to him. Here's a link to his Youtube page.


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Submitted: 10/09/2011
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#6 - soulknight (10/10/2011) [-]
just when i thought my day was as good as it could get......
#5 - mcinoid (10/09/2011) [-]
... It would be epic if you got some owls to do that vocals... Just saying.
User avatar #4 - bushingenna (10/09/2011) [-]
**bushingenna rolls 511,154,319**
#3 - Ken M (10/09/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 948,650,665** people who havent heard it are like wtf
#2 - Ken M (10/09/2011) [-]
NO thumb!
User avatar #1 - kerfufflemachtwo (10/09/2011) [-]
Joe Satriani did it on guitar.

******* amazing.
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