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Amazing horse song


Never Ending Loop at existenz.se/out.php?id=17275<br />
Lyrics:<br />
Look at my horse.<br />
My horse is amazing.<br />
Give it a lick.<br />
Mmmm, it tastes just like raisins.<br />
I've a stroke of its mane.<br />
It turns into a plane,<br />
and then it turns back again<br />
when you tug on its winky.<br />
Oooh that's dirty!<br />
Do you think so?<br />
Well I better not show you<br />
where the lemonade is made.<br />
Sweet lemonade,<br />
Mmm sweet lemonade,<br />
Sweet lemonade,<br />
Yeah sweet lemonade.<br />
(dance to horse playing keyboard)<br />
Get on my horse.<br />
I'll take you round the universe,<br />
and all the other places too.<br />
I think you'll find that the universe<br />
pretty much covers everything.<br />
Shut up woman get on my horse!

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