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#497 - anonymous (10/02/2011) [-]
I've been on funnyjunk since 05 and I swear to god I one more My Little Pony picture one more GOD DAMN repost about toys and games from the ******* 90's if money was the reason green funnyjunk is gone i will pay the ****** bills. I hate trolls and protesters on Funnyjunk but i understand why they do it its because they tired of seeing the same things over and over and over. Or the ******* comics about dumb **** like sandwiches and bitch slapping dumb girls in class I bet you half that **** hasn't even happened.And the "funny" videos really 12 ******* thumbs to front page on "funny" videos and why they **** are there over 1000 views on a video that got 12 views what the **** OPRAH!!!!!! should make it that you have to thumb regardless what the thumb up or down they have to ****** thumb .
if you read all of this and you agree with me thank you but if you dont and you thumb me down go click on NSFW and shove your mothers beaded dildo up your butt while you jerk off to a mixture of gayfurry and futa porn.
That is all from the one who will forever tell you the truth.
#523 to #497 - stoopify (10/02/2011) [-]
thumb whore
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