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Nyan cat 3D


Run on, Nyan Cat. Run on.

Being as I was closing on my tenth video, I figured it would have to be something special, so after trolling around for about ten minutes, I discovered the original Nyan Cat video and got hooked. ( I listened to this song for at least four hours that first day alone. I may have gone insane. ) Since I was dabbling in Blender at the time, I decided to make a Nyan Cat video in 3D. It was a learning experience, but after about a month of off-and-on work, here it is!

Programs used:
Audacity (audio)
Blender v2.57.0 (everything else)

Edit: Almost 50k views! x3 Yay!
Edit the Second: Over 100k views!
Edit the Third: 200k+ views =3

Views: 843 Submitted: 09/26/2011
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