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11 yr old boy raped by 14 yr old girls

it's not funny, but damn this **** made me rage.
no one even tried to ******* stop them, but apparently there were onlookers.
the girls posted this **** on Youtube. ******* YOUTUBE. a boy getting stripped forcefully. these girls are ******* psychopaths!
and the Mother doesn't even press charges, cause it's "up to their parents" to decide their punishment.
and the newsreader called it a ******* PRANK GONE TOO FAR. PRANK? you call this **** a ******* PRANK? a boy getting sexually assaulted?
this ******* sickens me. I hope these bitches get raped in the future.

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Submitted: 09/20/2011
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User avatar #15 - rainbowsobe (09/20/2011) [-]
What's sad is that if this happened to a girl, a ********* of charges and court cases would rain upon the boy/boys, and they'd go to Juvi.
But if it's a boy, noooooo, it's fine.?
Really, society?
#9 - heyangelyoudasexy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #24 to #9 - Maroon ONLINE (09/21/2011) [-]
i have never hit a girl, but i would use this as the perfect excuse. stand up butt-naked and beat the **** out of the closest one and laugh as the rest ran
User avatar #6 - masterofantics (09/20/2011) [-]
if i was one of their fathers i would slap the **** out of her
#7 to #6 - killwithkostja (09/20/2011) [-]
I would slap one of my daughter with the other one and than **** the **** out of them! <= in public!
#11 to #7 - heyangelyoudasexy **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#12 to #11 - killwithkostja (09/20/2011) [-]
no time to take 			****		 easy!
no time to take **** easy!
User avatar #2 - ummie (09/20/2011) [-]
truthfully this is extremely sextist.. if a group of teenage boys went out and attacked a 11yr old girl and forcefully striped her of clothes you would have the super dyke extremeist bitches "OMG WATS WRONG WITH THEM SICK MEN!!!!".. ALL MEN NEED TO PETITION AND GET THIS WOMAN BACK IN THE DAMN KITCHEN.. give them rights they said.. we want to be equal they said.. this just is really sad that they can get away with something so harsh
User avatar #8 to #2 - nuclearbunny (09/20/2011) [-]
User avatar #3 - YaMum (09/20/2011) [-]
If it was the other way around, the boys would have been arrested for sexual abuse. Arrest these bitches.
#1 - invisabull (09/20/2011) [-]
#21 - theparadox (09/21/2011) [-]
This country needs a shot of BALLS, and fast.
User avatar #5 - OperationValkyrie (09/20/2011) [-]
This is ******* sexist as hell. If it was reversed, the kids would be suspended/expelled, arrested, and probably grounded for months. This is ******** .
User avatar #25 to #5 - Maroon ONLINE (09/21/2011) [-]
and PRISON. good ******* point.
#4 - darkpyro (09/20/2011) [-]
OP i feel the way thats ******* ********
#10 - John Cena (09/20/2011) [-]
Who cares? It's just a boy. If it was a girl, all hell would brake loose. Since it's just a male though, it's funny and nobody gives a **** . Welcome to modern society.
#19 - woozypooterhead (09/21/2011) [-]
******* disgusting, The boy deserves some ******* retribution. And those ******* bitches need to be disowned and sent to jail. The kids life is ruined, for what. **** THIS WORLD.
#18 - agentfourtyseven (09/21/2011) [-]
there's a part of me that doesn't want to live on this planet anymore.. and another part of me that wants to flip **** on people like that
#17 - sidneymysnake (09/21/2011) [-]
I hate my town....
#16 - BurntYogurt (09/20/2011) [-]
This is disgusting. Those bitches should be sent to jail for a long ass time.
#28 - truerave (09/21/2011) [-]
hahaha what a dumb ******* looser gets raped by a bunch of girls lol. He deserved it for being such a pussy. Next time he ll eat some chicken so he can fight them of hahahah
#32 - John Cena (10/07/2011) [-]
It proves what a dying society will accept, when a little 11 year old kid is traumatised like that, and no adult will stand up for HIS rights - but damn if that was someone's 11 year old daughter getting stripped and horse ****ed in public by some 13 year old boys, then there would be an uproar - give me old west justice - and give the kid a free shot at each of those little bitches!
User avatar #30 - Azzoid (09/24/2011) [-]
Just wait until he gets older and ******* hunts them down. That will be a good day.
#29 - John Cena (09/22/2011) [-]
Hey if i was the boy i would be raping them . . . . what wheres the fun in that if they stripping me . . . why not I bet you guys would do the same thing
User avatar #27 - vermillionbobcat (09/21/2011) [-]
This is why I became a superhero.
#26 - John Cena (09/21/2011) [-]
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
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