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Chicken Nuggets


King Curtis Holland of ABC's "Wife Swap" is a 7-year-old devil child, hailing from the South (NC) and lisning(sic) to nobody's rules--you can listen, or leave the King's house!

The parents lay zero discipline nor smack into this kid, allowing him to run all over the household activity and operations. Chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch AND dinner! What King Curtis wants, 99% of the time, he gets!

This is a custom edited version piecing together the best parts we could find from this Season 5, episode 18 of Wife Swap. STAY TUNED FOR A NEW CLIP WITH NEVER BEFORE SEEN KING CURTIS LOLZ MOMENTS!-- please enjoy and share this with your friends! Everyone knows you want your bacon, and it's damn sure good for me too! You're gonna' be goin' to the grocery store...

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Views: 2432 Submitted: 09/19/2011