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Let's Just Be Friends

Chords and Lyrics:
F#m D A E Fm
You call me up on the phone and ask me to come over and cuddle
I think you must want me or else you'd be a little more subtle
We go into your room
Get in your bed
My lap is where you decide to rest your head
And just as I'm about to make my move you say
F#m D A E
You're my straight gay friend my straight gay friend
You're closer to me than the rest of those men
Too sweet to try to get in my pants
I appreciate you not trying to advance
And I say don't mention it I'm here for you
But the subtext is damn it my balls are blue
I can't believe I just got LJBF'ed again
Another let's just be friends!
F#m D A E Fm
Well I'm out at the bar and I see her standing there (Dude she is so freakin' hot)
She walks up to me and runs her fingers through my hair (Aw yeah!)
We drive back to her place
She says take off your shirt
I'm gonna change out of this tiny skirt
So it doesn't get dirty, then what's that I see in your hand
It's a can of paint and a roller too
She said you seem like such a nice guy so here's what we'll do
We'll paint my room watch Will and Grace on TV
Just like when it was my brother and me
F#m D A E
You're my straight gay friend my straight gay friend
You're closer to me than the rest of those men
You're cute and nonthreatening and nice to me
Thanks for being that way baby
I say don't worry about it that's nice of you to say
But In my mind we're doing it ten different ways
I can't believe I just got LJBF'ed again
Another lets just be friends
What you girls don't understand
Is that guys like me we've got enough friends
And it fills me up with so much spite F#m D A E
When you talk about the douchebag you were with last night
F#m D A E
I'm finally doing it right with this awesome hotty
She says sweet words to me and is feeling all over my body
F#m D A E Fm
When we wake up from that crazy night
I look at you and realize my eyes were not right
That beer made my brain lie she's a big old cow
And when she tries to make a move right now
F#m D A E
I say Let's just be friends let's just be friends
I know it felt like that night would never end
But you seem so nice don't want ruin it with sex
I gotta go now but I'll give you a text
I run for the hills and can't help but feel hexed
And you ladies out there really get me vexed
I'm gonna staple a sign to my face that says
I've got no interest in being your friend (Being your friend!)

Tags: Friends
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Submitted: 09/10/2011
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