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MLP Bloopers


After 2 months of work, it's finally here. READ FIRST!
OST Download: www.mediafire.com/?2s3sunbq2tbzbdl
1. The video, despite its length, is fast-paced. PAUSE if you want to take your time, because the video only gives 4 seconds on average to catch most mistakes, and several (usually minor ones) are near-freeze frame level to catch.
2. Music is louder than sound. Lower your volume if need be, because for the most part you're listening to music. If you don't like a song (and trust me, with more than 10 songs, it's likely that at least one of them won't be to your liking) then mute or lower the sound even more. Only one or 2 mistakes actually require sound anyway.
In case you're wondering, music is used to "cover" pauses. If you think the video would be better without the music, feel free to think that way but I don't agree, it's very dreary in my opinion.
3. Watch at the highest quality, otherwise some sections will be very blurry.
4. No, I didn't cover all mistakes. Background pony clones happen WAY. TOO. OFTEN. And it's done on purpose, so they're not really mistakes anyway.
Other minor or nit-picky mistakes were generally ignored as well.
Errors that could potentially be hand waved too.
If a mistake you know about didn't make it in, too bad, so sad.
Put it up on the unofficial wiki or make a video yourself, because as of now Season 1 is off my list for animation mistakes, especially with Season 2 just around the corner.
5. Keep it civil and don't jump to conclusions.
6. I did this because I like the show. I am not doing it because I have something against the animators.
7. There are no freeze frame bonuses (Bad or good). I abstained myself of surprises this time.
8. Seriously, no freeze frame bonuses. I'm not kidding, don't comment about how I'm probably using reverse-psychology or something. Or I'll remove it.
9. Enjoy the video.

Views: 5184 Submitted: 09/05/2011