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FunnyJunk vs. Reddit


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I guess that by now you pretty much know my opinion on internet wars, what I think is that unless there is material or human lost there is no war. I know that pen is mightier than sword, but come on they are just mocking each other on their sites, that's so pointless. That is like if UK and France had a war and all they would do would be sit behind their end of the channel and make jokes.

But of course this whole thing brings to the surface the issue of copyrights, I think that too many people don't realize that their work is copyrighted. Of course I'm not talking about compilations of funny pictures that on it's own is multiple violation of copyrights. I'm talking about OC (original content), every rage comics is copyrighted and if someone stole it, you have right to do something about it.

That's actually general thing on funnyjunk, you know typical problem with reposts, I don't understand why people don't do something more than just make another comics about that. If someone steals your work you can contact moderator of the site and he should remove it, because legally you're right. And there is nothing in funnyjunk agreements that would allow stealing.

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