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Epic Beard Man - Mortal Kombat style


&quot;I meet tough guys like you an' I slap the **** out of em'!&quot; - Epic Beard Man.<br />
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NEW TSHIRTS: They aren't as expensive or bad as the last ones. Check it out before I beat you on the bus then steal your bag. Then film it. You need to login to view this link gogogogogog<br />
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He certainly can, as demonstrated in this PARODY of EBM fighting in Mortal Kombat. I made this, anything uploaded anywhere else is annoying due to them not bothering to make it. And most of them taking credit for it. But I guess I'll see them in Hell. <br />
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You don't mess with old guys on buses. They just might kick the **** out of you. I'm not going to tell you to subscribe because I hate people that do. But do it anyway.<br />
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This video is in no way meant to be disrespectful to anyone or anything.<br />
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Twitters also probably the easiest way to find new videos as I post them. <br />
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Thats all I use it for really. www.twitter.com/ddowza<br />
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Credit for music goes to MKII. Same with logo.

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(02/28/2010) [-]
i feel so bad for epic beard man the people who shot the video stole his bag : (