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Kid Cries On Xbox Live [Hilarious Prank]

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First off this was an April Fools prank. We didn't really report him, we acted like we did though by calling Xbox live, but then my friend XxSmith3YxX hung up and called my other friend cannibal4u who acted like he was an Xbox Live moderator, so bigdaddyyumyum7 was never reported/banned. Second off I acknowledge the fact that this was cruel and got out of hand so stop spamming me and my friends. I actually ended up apologizing bigdaddyyumyum7 and I told him that it was only an Aprils Fools prank and that he wasn't going to be banned so stop sending him messages too. Lastly I ended up becoming his friend because he is actually pretty funny (in a random 7 year old way) and I asked him for permission before I uploaded this video so that's why it wasn't uploaded on April 1st. If you are going to send a message to bigdaddyyumyum7 please be nice, because he has feelings too. Just tell him he is an awesome, nice, funny guy. Thanks.
Just another kid on Xbox live that has a mod, and is obviously too young to be playing Call of Duty. Send it to your friends as it is the best April Fools Joke on Call of Duty out there.
Ignore my gameplay I was laughing too hard xD
#34 - Top Favorited (Today) - Gaming 4/4/10
Greatest Xbox Live Freak Out?
[Warning Contains Explicit Language. Viewers 18+ Only Please.] - Obviously somebody didn't read the description to this video ;)
Kid wants to be my friend so he sings Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black for me? Sounds like an epic LOL! Check it out! www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_Wu04jJF4k

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This isnt cruel This is well deserved!
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