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User avatar #2 - bloodcaptain [OP]
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(08/11/2011) [-]
yea dude i totally agree with you but this isnt political accuracyjunk, this is funnyjunk :P i uploaded it cuzz this is funny, not to symbolize something, thank you
#1 - gmanjohn
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(08/11/2011) [-]
In my book team america the movie is a very a good movie but the theme song "America **** Yeah" is a very terrible song but it does have deeper meaning... it shows how lazy and fat america is and how self centered we are... america tries to be a global police and tries to get involved in foreign affairs that it shouldn't be getting into. America is going down the drain in so many ways. Before we know it we will be mooching off of other countries... oh wait... we already do that.

This has been a lesson/opinion from gmanjohn