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Top 10 Creationist Arguments Part 2

Part One was so popular, and material is so abundant, we just couldn't resist another list of arguments we hear from the mouths of those defending God.
Part 1: funnyjunk.com/youtube/2406904/Top+10+Creationist+Argumments/

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Submitted: 07/26/2011
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User avatar #2 - KazahkRussian (07/26/2011) [-]
Number 2 has got to be my favorite.

An Alien named Ted blew up his apartment while creating beer!

User avatar #4 - utburd (07/26/2011) [-]
incoming butthurt BAIL OUT BAIL OUT!
User avatar #3 - latinotornado (07/26/2011) [+] (1 reply)
oh my goodness -_- seriously?why do people have to put up religious **** up here honestly.if its your beleif fine.keep it to ur self my god.this is here for us to laugh not to question or laugh at others beleifes.this video is here to make fun of religion.not cool man cant u be funny any other way besides bag on religous beleifs like an asshole athiest?if u athiest FINE but dont **** on peoples [url deleted] people a favor and keep that **** out of FunnyJunk
User avatar #5 to #3 - KazahkRussian (07/27/2011) [-]
Because this video is funny o_o
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