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He's the Retarded Policeman!


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See this video in HIGH QUALITY: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNDlf6hA6TY&fmt=18

Before you leave mean comments, just know that our friend Ponce (the Cop) is an awesome and talented young dude who loves performing and making light of his Down syndrome. He's a smart and funny guy, and has complete awareness of his actions and decisions. And we all had an awesome time shooting "Retarded Policeman!"


directed & edited by Greg Benson
written by Greg Benson
created by Greg Benson & Kim Evey
starring Josh "The Ponceman" Perry
with Heather Provost, Valerie Querns,
Alan Heitz & Scott Perry
theme song by Greg Benson
camera - Greg Benson
sound - Scott Perry
crew - Wayne Brandenburg
special thanks - Rich Gedney!
extremely special thanks to the boobies

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Tags: retardid police man boy down syndrome slow mediocre films comedy short film police officer traffic cop LAPD NYPD safety retard tard nice funny cute dumb crazy spoof parody sketch series weird silly love happy goofy laugh haha humor actor "hollywood actor" joke jokes fun man woman guy girl dude relationship relationships pretty pet animal puppy kitten husband wife car automobile sketch skit animation animated strange surprise driver driving ticket street lights TV theme song jingle catchy tune music puppet entertainment "sketch comedy" "web series" "home video"

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