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It was like any other cruise until one night...it began to attack
Free e-cookie for answering all these questions:
1. There are two girls listed in the cast, where did the second one go?
2. Spot the Mario reference!
3. The standup comedian which inspired this trailer is named P____ _r_______
4. Spot the recurring gag (you may have to browse through my channel if you haven't seen my previous videos)
5. There's a not so common recurring gag which references Grindhouse, can you find it?
6. Why 1,0006?
Hen Zee
Kelvin Zheng
Robert Chen www.youtube.com/daoriginalrob
Jersey Chen
Victoria Zhao
April Leong
Tim Hall
Kevin Lu
Cinematography by:
Chelsey Lin
Robert Chen
Hen Zee
Music By:
Video Copilot

Tags: horror
Views: 900 Submitted: 07/20/2011
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(07/20/2011) [-]
This gave me Aids